As biologists still struggle to understand the human brain, music and art is attempting to pick up the slack. 

Composer Jeremy Mayall recently put on a show at New Zealand's Otago University to depict the sounds of the brain and at the same time monitored the brain of an audience member responding to the performance - creating a kind of mental feedback loop. Now Daniel Wohl's Corps Exquis is providing the sound track to a new show called The Brain Piece in Brooklyn, New York.

Wohl, the Paris-born composer and electronic musician, frequently collaborates with ensembles, artists, filmmakers and choreographers. The NYTimes called him one of his generation’s “imaginative, skillful creators”.

Produced by Jody Oberfelder, The Brain Piece will be "an interactive and intuitive opportunity [for the audience] to engage with their minds in motion", according to the website. Neuroscientists have also contributed to the design of the performance which includes choreographed dance and sound design from Sean Hagerty all combining to "reference the dance going on in your head".

The Brain Piece: In-development Showing takes place 7:30 pm on April 29 in New York City at Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street. See here for tickets.