Woah there! Thinking of splashing out half a year's earnings on the latest Macbook Pro to aid your rise to DJ stardom? Think again...

As reported by DJ Techtool's excellent Dan White, Scratch legend DJ Qbert is teaming up with Intel to use their Edison chip for the purposes of DJing.

This is hopefully good news for the thrifty out there as the Edison currently only costs around £30. It has a 500MHz CPU and an additional 100 MHz Quark microcontroller, onboard memory, USB ports, and wireless connectivity. 

While only at prototype stage, it is believed that the eventual product will allow a DJ to bring his sounds to the club on a USB stick and plug straight in to one of these chips without the need for a laptop.

With his recent Extraterrestria album release being the first to include a MIDI controller in the sleeve, QBert is once again proving that his scratch creativity can be applied to the world of technology.