Photo credit: Dirk Lindner

DJ Shadow has reigned supreme over hip hop style beat creations ever since his seminal album Endtroducing was released back in 1996.

Following his successful Renegades of Rhythm DJ tour with J5's Cut Chemist, he is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his career having launched new label Liquid Amber.

His work over the years has been characterised by musical innovation so who better to ask…what imaginary instrument would you invent?

“Probably something that would allow you to manipulate any type of recorded format”, says the beat maestro.

“I know people have been working on being able to scratch cassette tapes. In a way it’s all kind of relative but I collect all formats of music – A-Track, reel to reel, mini CDs, minidiscs. Anything that comes along that features music that I care about, I collect it and I feel like a lot of times there’s a lot of music I wish I could convey in a live setting and it’s prohibitive. I haven’t found a way to do it all yet.”

Visit DJ Shadow’s new label Liquid Amber here and check out the latest release from the label - Nite School Klick's Posse: