It is the instrument no band can do without.

The electric bass guitar has been part of our musical landscape for decades but how are they made and what makes one so much better than another?

In Deep Overwater, our eagerly awaited fourth multimedia feature, we give you privileged access to one of the finest luthiers in the world to uncover the bass guitar. Chris May, head of revered guitar company Overwater Basses, reveals the black magic behind making the instrument learnt though 30 years of working with top professionals and stars of music.

Soundtracked by Scott Devine, the acclaimed bass player, educator and musical director for platinum selling singer/songwriter Tatiana Okupnik, and illustrated by striking visuals, this feature is designed to recalibrate your senses and immerse you in the world of the most popular low frequency emitter. 

Deep Overwater celebrates not only the instrument itself and one of the most important UK bass manufacturers in history, but also our very personal relationship with it, as consumers and musicians.

This feature will be most enjoyed by:

Musicians, Bass fanatics, the curious, luthiers, engineers, music fans, psychologists