So far in this series DJ Shadow has explained to us his multi-format manipulator, Quantic played his mind-flute (in his mind!) and Tuxedo went for a miniature version of the classic CS-80 keyboard. 

Now it is the turn of native Berliner and enchanting songstress and musician Josa Peit to take us down the rabbit-hole. Best known for collaborations with German beatmaker Dexter and especially Ben Lamdin's seven-piece jazz band Nostalgia 77, she has just released her debut EP 'Constellation' on Berlin label 'The Gym'.

She said: "How about a playable piano scarf? Something ridiculous-looking, but extremely cool-sounding. Something smart textile-synth-hybrid-like, with a vocoder attached so you don’t always have to sit or bend down to use the analog thing!"

The EP 'Constellation' is out now on The Gym.