Title Image: Bill Miller 'phantoms2_seq05_0026'

Bill Miller - '02232014_skulls_1'

Bill Miller - '02232014_skulls_1'

The latest addition to our digital artist showcase is Bill Miller (aka 'gridworks1'). Assistant Professor of Art and Design at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, he has exhibited and screened his abstract ASCII drawings, animated GIFs, web browser-based compositions, and videos nationally and internationally.

Bill also regularly performs and experiments with live audio and visuals using custom software patches in traditional gallery exhibitions as well as art, technology, and music festivals.

Looking through his tumblr page the contrast between pencil shades and bursts of colour, allied with a sense of movement, is particularly striking and completely unique.

When we approached him to produce piece of moving visual art for Macho Zapp he wanted the music in advance so as to conjure up a responsive visualization unique to this piece of music - Mount Bank's genius '316'. The result is a morphing, twisting, spiky neon mesh of 3D grids which fits Mount Bank's catchy synth melody and percussion perfectly.

Bill says: "We exist within an environment that can be characterized by the ubiquity of digital technologies. I look for moments where breaking and broken technological systems blur the boundary between the real and virtual. In those moments there is potential to experience and lose oneself between the machine and the human."

For more on Bill Miller take a look at his website and tumblr page.