Photograph by Robert Kraus

The recent popularity boom of records has been welcomed by those of all ages, being a timeless nostalgic way to really get close to your favourite music.

Perhaps slightly outdated when compared to the ease and accessibility of MP3, but imagine if you could play your records without a record player, wherever you went.

Well RokBlok, made by a company called Pink Donut, may offer the solution. The small portable block acts as a record player, with built in speakers that work by being placed onto the record on a flat surface.

It works like a needle, riding around the record to play it, simply being started by pulling a lever and stopped by waving your hand over the top of it.

It can also be connected wirelessly to bluetooth speakers and headphones, allowing you to hear your records in a whole new way.

Designer Logan Riley says: “After over a year of development we’re excited to finally bring RokBlok to vinyl lovers all around the world.

“I truly believe that this is the most ridiculously fun way to enjoy your favourite records”.

When talking to The Verge, Riley insisted it inflicts no damage to the record, as the centre of gravity doesn’t rest on the needle and so prevents the widening of the grooves.

A Kickstarter campaign for the release of RokBlok is looking successful, being estimated to be ready for shipping by next September and retailing at around $100, so vinyl lovers keep your eyes and ears peeled.