We are excited to say that today sees the launch of our ninth immersive multimedia feature...and this one is a bit special!

Milo the Rapper is an in-depth look at the art of the alternative hip hop artist in the form of Rory Ferreira (aka Milo). Also going by the name Scallops Hotel or the green horse for rap, maybe more know him as owner and operator of RBYT (his tape label) and maybe less as RP McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest off Broadway in Kenosha, WI, he is not just a rapper but a poet, a zine editor and a creator.

As the article says - he sits in a special place within his genre and not outside it on its edges. "He exists in centre void".

Most of his records have been released under Milo (A Toothpaste Suburb in 2014, So The Flies Don’t Comein 2015, the two-part EP things that happen at day/things that happen at night through the Hellfyre Club label in 2013) but he has a few other pseudonyms he uses as an artist and the list is growing, purposefully.

After coming to fame in L.A. and being featured by the gamut of magazines (LA Weekly, Pitchfork, etc) as the latest star of alternative hip hop, he found that L.A. life was not for him and returned to his hometown of Milwaukee to write from his humble closet.

It says everything about Milo that he would prefer a small dedicated crowd at a gig than a huge crowd who aren't so into the music: "I don’t know if I can break a hundred people here but like of the 70 people who show up, five of them will be like if you sign my arm tonight I’ll get it tattooed RIGHT NOW.”

This is our examination and tribute to the alternative rap artist as seen through the eyes of a talented new voice (and indeed eye, for she is a photographer too) from New York - Kristina Pedersen.