Photo credit: Marc Wathieu

Remember the days when you used to feel trendy walking into a record store to pick some vinyl? Well now you can do it at the end of your weekly "big" shop.

Just in time for Record Store Day 2016 (April 16th), Sainsbury's announced that vinyl will be sold in stores starting on March 21. 

Rumours that listening stations will be set up next to the branflakes are so far unfounded, but the store profess to be taking vinyl seriously. Pete Selby, Sainsbury’s Head of Music and Books said: “We don’t see this as a novelty gifting fad but a complimentary part of our existing music offer with a long term future in our stores."

According to Billboard, the vinyl revival dates back to the early 2000’s when Record Store Day was founded in 2007. RSD will be celebrating its ninth year this coming April - so why did it take almost a decade for such a huge company to recognize the impact of vinyl and to start selling it?

Selby said: “There is an enduring love for this format with music fans and we’re delighted to offer an ongoing selection of titles for everyone, from contemporary releases to much-loved classics. Our customers have rich, varied tastes and our range will naturally reflect this."