Born in Caracas, Venezuela and based in Paris, new media artist and curator, Miyo Van Stenis has built up a reputation for her stunning representations of the human relationship with technology.

She says: "The existing interest in representing the relationship between humans and machines, poetry and computational science, turn my investigation in to a experimental work where the machine is expressing itself, as a kind of hyperbolic reflection of their world, first of all as an performative action where the value is the human action in pursuit of error, the unexpected, creating a meeting point between the human, the machine, the error and the undeniable desire of poetic beauty."

5alad (pronounced like Salad) is Joan Malé: chef, photographer, producer and synth lover from the north of Catalonia. He has released albums, EPs and tracks on Expanding Records, Phonobox, Cocoon or Discontinu, as well as remixing and collaborating on other projects with his different aliases (Monoceros and Exe). This track is said to take inspiration from 80s retrofuturism: Jan Hammers soundtracks, Blade Runner, and Beverly Hills Cop.

The purpose of this series is to be a showcase for digital artists - audio and visual. We invite GIF artists to contribute their work and match it up with synth-heavy electronic music.

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