He is the conductor of dreams and nightmares. In our seventh immersive multimedia feature, The Score, we invite you to meet a musician central to our lives - the film composer.

Award-winning Hollywood composer, Greg Tripi, has worked on top movies and TV including the acclaimed Drive, Dark Places, Drag Me To Hell, Contagion, The Knick and the video games Far Cry 4 and Twisted Metal. Having worked with top directors such as Sam Raimi and Steven Soderbergh, and as a long term collaborator with Cliff Martinez, he is ideally placed to provide an insight into how a score is put together at the highest level.

Illustrated by unique, atmospheric footage, along with music from Tripi's work on the Charlize Theron movie, Dark Places, we discover the pressures involved in scoring a multimillion dollar project, where the ideas come from and what it means to create pure emotion.

We also ask, given the the huge influence of TV and film on our lives, as an entertainer and as a teacher, does the composer ever consider the moral implications of their work?

Welcome to The Score.