Photograph By: Vitezslav Valka

Music tech company CloudBounce has improved their online mastering engine and is claiming that it is the most advanced in the world.

CloudBounce, along with its competitors, offer an online music mastering service where musicians and producers can upload their unmastered tracks and have them mastered quickly by an advanced computer programme, foregoing having to hire a living, breathing mastering engineer. 

CloudBounce's mastering engine uses an A.I. and machine learning along with complex algorithms to discern what each track needs most to sound the best, and for an automated mastering service CloudBounce gives the user a lot of control over how exactly they want each track mastered.

When users upload a track they are asked what genre the song is and then what about the track they want adjusted (like if they want the track to sound warmer or want a crisper high-end) and if the master comes out to be not exactly what they wanted users can adjust the mastering options again and remaster the track until they find the perfect sound.

As of right now CloudBounce is offering three free masters for people who sign up. Otherwise individual tracks cost $4.90 to master, or users can sign up for subscription at $9.90 for five masters each month or $29.90 for unlimited usage.

It's difficult to say if services like CloudBounce will replace flesh-and-blood engineers; many producers swear by them while others criticize these programs for eliminating the 'human touch'.

As of right now CloudBounce exists as a powerful tool for aspiring musicians that might be strapped for cash,  professional producers who need a quick turnaround for their mastered tracks or anyone with mastering needs.