THERE has always been a fair bit of hype surrounding Aphex Twin which ramped up in 2014 with his new release Syro.

Some of it is of course justified (after all - how many artists do you know who own a working tank?) whereas some of the bluster can go over the top, but this feature from Germany's Groove magazine is well worth checking out.

They arranged for 25 fellow artists to ask Aphex Twin one question each and the results provide a great insight into his creative thought processes.

Our favourite quote from all of his answers was this comment about whether or not he minds criticism:

"If you make anything creative, you have to be your worst critic if you want to be good or in order to succeed. You have to tell yourself you’re rubbish in order to getting better! The only thing that can hurt me is, if someone criticizes me, and it’s true and I haven’t thought about it before.”