WELCOME. We are proud and excited to say the Macho Zapp website is now online.

But with all the music magazines and websites already out there, what is the point of Macho Zapp?

It hardly needs saying that the world of music has changed massively over the last 10 years - and not just in the way we consume music. The huge and consistent transfer of knowledge across the world means our collective musical consciousness is constantly expanding and refining itself, pushing us into uncharted territory.

Music magazines, quite rightly, focus closely on the artists and their releases since they are the touchstones and leaders of music. But there also needs to be a lens held up to the why and the how.

This means examining the tiny details - the movement of a DJ’s crossfader or the smallest vibrations of a record needle. And it also means exploring the big questions - why are we obsessed with rhythm? What will the next innovation be?

This is the reason for Macho Zapp - to seek the answers to these questions and at the same time look for the new and intriguing perspective.

Check out this month's immersive multimedia feature Needle Habit here.