What is it about scratching that fascinates us? Why do DJs spend thousands of hours trying to find that perfect synchronicity between crossfader and vinyl?

Macho Zapp goes in search of the answers in the second of our immersive multimedia features, Scratch Obsession. We break down a DJ Woody scratch performance into minute detail, describing the number of fader and vinyl movements, speed of the fader and the kinetic energy created! We seek the perspective of the DJ, the psychologist, the biomechanic and the philosopher to draw  some interesting conclusions about the physical and the psychological realms.

This article embodies the ethos of Macho Zapp - holding up a new lens to an artform which, as we unravel it, introduces further concepts - say hello to “soundtime” and the teachings of Plato.

The title screen features stunning background footage to illustrate the magic of turntablism and also includes an exclusive original beat and scratches from the fantastic DJ Chile.

DJ Woody said of Scratch Obsession: "Super dope article by Macho Zapp where I get a scientific examination, plus some exclusively filmed material. You gotta check it out!"

DJ Chile was equally impressed: "Wow this is such an excellent article! Love the meticulous approach you take, approaching the subject from lots of angles. Its really cool to read original input from so many DJs I admire on this as well, and it's fascinating to see 2-click orbit motions that slowly!"

Finally, check out our YouTube channel to see the individual slow motion shots of DJ Woody's scratches - you've never seen scratching examined like this before.