What does your brain sound like? Odd question perhaps but an intriguing one.

It is also timely since this week is Brain Awareness week and New Zealand's Otago university have embraced the concept with one of its researchers putting on a music show depicting the sounds of the brain.

Otago Mozart fellow Jeremy Mayall told the Otago Daily Times: "I worked with David [Bilkey, director of the Brain Health Research Centre] and found out about brain waves and how they have a musical quality to them."

He also arranged for a listener to be hooked up to a brain monitor so that the audience could witness the effect of the "brain music" on someone else's brain.

In 2009 New Scientist reported on Philosopher Dan Lloyd's efforts to effectively "hear" the brain. Using brain scans he assigned a different pitch to the regions of the brain that lit up together. Volume corresponded to intensity.