Photo by Glenjamin Han

We love tracking the new weird and wonderful ways technology is being used for live music performances. Flying Lotus has established himself over recent years as one of the most inventive and talented artists so it is only right that he should be pushing the envelope for his live shows.

Enter the Layer cubed.

The Creators Project spoke to the masterminds behind the structure David Wexler (aka Strangeloop) and John King, (aka Timeboy) and found that the performance is not pre-scripted but improvisational. They react to what FlyLo does on stage.

And beauty of this structure is it makes it seem like an extension of the artist himself. But the best thing of all is that it makes Flying Lotus' Aviators light up, reminiscent of the destruction of the evil Agent Smith in the movie The Matrix.

Also look out for Daedelus and his magnificent live performance machine brilliantly named 'Archimedes'.