SOUNDTRACK: Kitchen's Floor, Thigh master, breakdance the dawn, cedie janson

PHOTOGRAPHY: Joshua Watson

Videography: Joshua Watson



Brisbane’s underground music scene is like no other. DIY in practice, life-changing in power, it is a cultural movement that inspires genius and where true freedom of expression reigns supreme.

In 'Brisbane Noise', our fifth immersive multimedia feature, we explore first-hand the music, the characters, and the history: from BYOs to pop-ups, from goon-sacks to distros. Framed by the tragic death of one unifying voice, the story celebrates an aggressive freedom - from commercial restraints, from rules, from location, where no venue is off-limits.

With music from Kitchen's Floor, Thigh Master, Cedie Janson, and Breakdance the Dawn combined with stunning visuals, this feature offers a completely unique experience.

Welcome to Brisbane Noise.

Wow that’s like something you’d see at a museum these days, that multimedia style is wild!
— Matt Kennedy (Kitchen's Floor)
This looks great!
— Matt Ford (Tenth Court/Thigh Master)
Nice design and read.
— Cedie Janson

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