Music: C.A.R.



The music album is one of our most important cultural artifacts. It I.V.'s into our emotions, expresses ideas that might otherwise be left unsaid and provides insight into the era in which it came to life. But what exactly goes into creating one?

Following the release of her superb E.P. Glock'd, C.A.R. (aka Chloé Raunet) reveals the elements that make up the album in our third immersive Macho Zapp feature Long Player.

We explore the process from inspiration, to recording, to performance, to marketing, through the prism of Chloé's acclaimed debut My Friend. The article is illustrated with music from the album and our striking visuals to produce a wholly unique piece of journalism.

Finally a website where music can be read, heard, discussed and understood. Big up kids! You are the future!
— Kill The DJ
Wow! Just wow!
— C.A.R.
A dramatic trip into the mind of an artist, complete with visual delights to keep you locked in.
— Ransom Note
A stunning piece of coverage.
— The Rest Is Noise

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