SOUNDTRACK: Scott Devine

PHOTOGRAPHY: dan leach

Slow-mo VIDEOGRAPHY:  Mark Johnson



Bands come in all shapes and sizes yet rarely do you find one without a bass guitar. Capable of tremendous power as well as subtlety, the instrument provides the glue that holds together virtually all of your favourite tracks.

But how is the electric bass guitar made? What makes one more expensive than another? How does a custom manufacturer fit the instrument to the musician?

In this unique multimedia feature we uncover the bass guitar through the eyes of Chris May, boss of Overwater and one of the finest luthiers on the planet. Illustrated by stunning visuals and music from Scott Devine, we explore the mystery and power of the deepest instrument in music.


Love the format, especially where you have the guy playing bass and then Chris working away in the background. That’s really cool. Nice article too, great job all round.
— Nick Wells (iBass Magazine)
I truly love the layout of the article... it’s so immersive.
— Kevin Johnson (
It reflects well and in a thoughtful way the history of Overwater, Chris and how it takes craft, effort and skill to put a bass together. It was rather touching in fact.
— Phil Mulford (professional session bassist)
This is crazy, I’ve never seen anything like this!
— Occult

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