SOUNDTRACK: Prof. Eduardo R Miranda, Prof. Michael Casey, Lora-Faye Ashuvud, Prof. Chris Chafe and prof. josef Parvizzi

graphics: the night sea

VIDEO Editing: Dan Leach


What does music mean to you?

For many, the ability to create music is part of what makes us human. But what if that creativity could be mapped out and recreated at will?

Perhaps our boldest endeavour yet, Synapse examines the field of music psychology, bringing us face to face with the most profound questions about our relationship with music, the rise of AI and what it means to be human.

With a soundtrack that is sometimes startling, sometimes uncomfortable, it demonstrates the impact of music psychology research on the creation of music itself.

Illustrated by acclaimed artist The Night Sea and our own brand of 'living photographs' we invite you to take a journey into the astonishing world of music psychology.

The combination of music-making (and video-making) is really impressive. You’ve created a really innovative encounter with research!
— Nichola Dibben (professor of psychology of music, author, and co-editor of the Empirical Musicology Review and Popular Music)

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